Gloomy boy's Shack

Hi everyone, today I'm going to talk about an exercise I made in class.
I had to imagine and create a shack, the shack of my dreams.
So I thought about a gloomy shack, with a lot of horror posters and weird stuff.
It would be located near High Barnes (England), in a park. A skateboarding boy would have found it after the school, and would have decorated it. It would have come out of the leaves, of the ground. And there would be a warning eye on the door, in case there is somebody else hanging around.
Well, the ambiance is quite retro, and it takes place in autumn... so the leaves are red outside and the lava lamp lights the inside of the house green.
The model is approximately 15 cm tall, and I inserted it in the scenery in Photoshop. Enjoy the work !

From the window... (2 different views and lights)

Night view.

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